Quality and Fair Trade

The idea of ​​quality in terms of products guide our actions. All items offered is ( cotton , etc. , color) attached to a high quality of workmanship and the high quality of the raw value .

In the print production continuous improvement of all the individual steps of the implementation of the final article is aimed at. Thus, technological innovations and improved raw materials are constantly being sought and integrated into the process.

The FAIRTRADE idea applies to all business sectors , the pricing is also subject to this thought.
Our printing methods

In the printing process, we are currently working with the top quality Plotting technique and with the direct printing process .

The Plotting technique comes at the noble material Flock and PS film used. Here (mechanical precision cutting device) to cut the motives of roll material means plotter, then hand- weeded ( excess material is removed ) and transferred to the thermal printing method on the desired article .

The direct printing method is an excellent method , which is based on light and dark fabrics cotton-based (at least 70 % cotton content ) can be applied. Here, the ensprechende motif is applied to the article and then thermally fixed by means of special fabric paint and a textile printer.

In the aforementioned methods, the items can be washed smoothly at 30 or 40 degrees. Thus, the prints remain long in the best quality.

All printing processes used to meet high environmental standards .